About Shadowkeeper

What began as a remake of the original Eye of the Beholder by Andreas Larsson now turned into an original Dungeon Crawler by newly founded Swedish/German cooperation WargByte - SHADOWKEEPER

- Universal release
- Grid based realtime engine with soft shadows and ambient occlusion
- 12-15h playtime
- Free a world of dark cities, creepy forests and gloomy dungeons that is controlled from the Shadowkeeper’s Lair
- Find allies that join your party or help you to proceed with your quest
- Party of four with 8 class pathes to choose from
- Take the light or dark path for weapons upgrades and spells to fight or control the darkness
- Additional gesture controls and special thief/assassin skills expand the classic formula
- 20+ monster types from the walking dead to fantastic creatures of darkness
- Gamecenter achievements & leaderboards
- Level editor will be available for iPad